Level 1 B-BBEE

Centurion Eye Institute

The developer, Ikapi Property Developments, planned as a supplementary facility to the Unitas Hospital in Centurion, an Eye Institute situated in close proximity of the existing hospital.

The building had been designed as a three storey building (Ground + 1st and 2nd floor). However, before the works commenced but after the structural design had been completed it was decided, due to tenant demand, to add a parking basement.

The column layout had been fixed and did not coincide with the layout required for a proper parking grid. This required the introduction of transfer beams in the ground floor slab.

After having completed the first floor the client requested that a third floor be considered due to demand by tenants for additional space.

Redesigns followed and by introducing dry walling as partitioning from the second floor up, introduction of a lightweight steel framed roof structure, this requirement could be met.

The building illustrates the flexibility in the structural design and VIP’s capabilities to meet difficult requirements.

The building, completed in 2006, has served its tenants without fail over the last 7 years.


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