Level 2 B-BBEE

Namahadi WWTW


Enhanced Anaerobic Pond – Trickling filter Process (EATPF – process)

Having experienced numerous examples of waste water treatment systems that have failed and/or fallen into disuse due to factors such as:

  • Over complicated Biological Nutrient Removal system,
  • Mechanical aerators, pumps and controls falling into disrepair, and/or stolen,
  • Personnel appointed without the technical knowledge and diligence.

VIP Consulting Engineers has developed a waste water treatment system that incorporates not only fail safe mechanisms at critical points but one that can operate for extended periods without any mechanicals and even human operating interventions.

Such system was constructed for the Namahadi/Frankfort 3,5Mℓ per day plant.

Relying mostly on gravity, the effluent of the plant under normal circumstances complies with the statutory limitations on phosphates and nitrates concentrations.

In the event of power failures these limitations are exceeded to some extent. Yet a clean effluent in all other respects is put back into the Vaal River Catchment system.

In full operation, only the input of a single Level 1 operator is required.

The system consists of (in series):

  • An anaerobic pond system
  • Trickling filter
  • Clarifier
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Oxidation / Maturation Ponds
  • Outlet to river.

Over the last eight years, the works has been seriously neglected, yet consistently produced a clear, inoffensive effluent.


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