Level 2 B-BBEE

The Heads Shopping Centre


The developer, The Heads Trust, resolved to construct a 9090m² shopping centre with 15 050m² tenant parking to serve the expanding population in Lydenburg.

The site is situated adjacent to the approach road to the Long Tom Pass and apart from having a profound cross fall adjoining the Lydenburg main Water Reservoir site.

A platform (terrace) was prepared for the centre and a major retaining wall had to be constructed on the common boundary with the reservoir site. This proved to be a challenge as the stability of the reservoir had to be ensured during construction of the wall.

The building is a single storey, concrete formed structure with structural steel trusses and profiled steel roofing.

As a later addition, the anchor tenant required a mezzanine for storage and personal requirements.

The project was successfully completed within budget.


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